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aal0.1.1Automated Anatomical Labeling ('AAL') Atlas John Muschelli muschellij2/aal 2018-11-26
afnir0.4.6Wrapper Functions for 'AFNI' (Analysis of Functional 'NeuroImages') John Muschelli muschellij2/afnir 2018-11-26
ANTsR0.4.7ANTs in R: Quantification Tools for Biomedical Images Brian B. Avants stnava/ANTsR 2018-11-29
ANTsRCore0.6.3Core Software Infrastructure for 'ANTsR' Brian B. Avants ANTsX/ANTsRCore 2018-11-23
bftools0.2.0BioFormats Tools John Muschelli muschellij2/bftools 2018-11-08
brainKCCA0.0.0.9001Region-level Connectivity Network Construction via Kernel Canonical Correlation Analysis Jian Kang xuboyue/brainKCCA_v4 2018-11-26
brainR1.5.2Helper Functions to 'misc3d' and 'rgl' Packages for Brain Imaging John Muschelli muschellij2/brainR 2018-11-26
cap1.0Covariate Assisted Principal (CAP) Regression for Covariance Matrix Outcomes Yi Zhao zhaoyi1026/cap 2018-10-01
cfma1.0Causal Functional Mediation Analysis Yi Zhao zhaoyi1026/cfma 2018-09-27
cifti0.4.5.9000Toolbox for Connectivity Informatics Technology Initiative ('CIFTI') Files John Muschelli muschellij2/cifti 2018-11-26
dcemriS40.57.1A Package for Image Analysis of DCE-MRI (S4 Implementation) Brandon Whitcher bjw34032/dcemriS4 2018-11-26
dcm2niir0.6.6Conversion of 'DICOM' to 'NIfTI' Imaging Files Through R John Muschelli muschellij2/dcm2niir.git 2018-11-18
dcmsort0.2.5.1Sort DICOM Images John Muschelli muschellij2/dcmsort 2018-12-12
dcmtk0.6.3.1Wrapper for 'DICOM' Toolkit ('DCMTK') John Muschelli muschellij2/dcmtk 2018-11-18
DensParcorr1.0Dens-Based Method for Partial Correlation Estimation in Large Scale Brain Networks Yikai Wang johnzonwyk/DensParcorr 2018-09-27
divest0.7.2Get Images Out of DICOM Format Quickly Jon Clayden jonclayden/divest 2018-12-11
dti1.3.0Analysis of Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI) Data Karsten Tabelow WIAS-BERLIN/dti 2018-11-26
eegUtils0.3.0.9000A collection of utilities for EEG analysis Matt Craddock craddm/eegUtils 2018-12-13
EveTemplate0.99.14JHU-MNI-ss (Eve) template Jean-Philippe Fortin Jfortin1/EveTemplate 2018-11-26
extrantsr3.9.6Extra Functions to Build on the 'ANTsR' Package John Muschelli muschellij2/extrantsr.git 2018-12-12
flexconn0.5.2FLEXCONN Model John Muschelli muschellij2/flexconn.git 2018-11-26
fmri1.8.3Analysis of fMRI Experiments Karsten Tabelow WIAS-BERLIN/fmri.git 2018-09-27
fmriqa0.3.0Functional MRI Quality Assurance Routines Martin Wilson martin3141/fmriqa 2018-11-25
freesurfer1.6.2.9001Wrapper Functions for 'Freesurfer' John Muschelli muschellij2/freesurfer 2018-11-26
fslr2.22.0Wrapper Functions for 'FSL' ('FMRIB' Software Library) from Functional MRI of the Brain ('FMRIB') John Muschelli muschellij2/fslr 2018-12-08
gganatogram1.1.1Create Anatograms of Various Species Jesper Maag jespermaag/gganatogram.git 2018-11-13
ggBrain0.1ggplot Brain Images Aaron Fisher aaronjfisher/ggBrain.git 2018-09-27
ggneuro0.5.0Plotting Functions for Neuroimaging Data in 'ggplot2' John Muschelli muschellij2/ggneuro.git 2018-11-26
ggseg1.3Plotting tool for brain atlases Athanasia Mo Mowinckel LCBC-UiO/ggseg 2018-12-04
gifti0.7.5.9000Reads in 'Neuroimaging' 'GIFTI' Files with Geometry Information John Muschelli muschellij2/gifti 2018-11-13
I2C20.2.3Image Intraclass Correlation Coefficient Haochang Shou muschellij2/I2C2.git 2018-09-27
ichseg0.13.5Intracerebral Hemorrhage Segmentation of X-Ray Computed Tomography (CT) Images John Muschelli muschellij2/ichseg.git 2018-12-12
ITKR0.4.17.5ITK in R Brian B. Avants stnava/ITKR 2018-11-13
itksnapr2.1Package of ITK-SNAP John Muschelli muschellij2/itksnapr 2018-11-26
kirby21.asl1.7.0Example ASL Data from the Multi-Modal MRI Reproducibility Resource John Muschelli muschellij2/kirby21.asl.git 2018-09-26
kirby21.base1.7.0Example Data from the Multi-Modal MRI 'Reproducibility' Resource John Muschelli muschellij2/kirby21.base 2018-09-25
kirby21.det21.7.0Example DET2 Structural Data from the Multi-Modal MRI Reproducibility Resource John Muschelli muschellij2/kirby21.det2 2018-09-26
kirby21.dti1.7.0Example DTI Data from the Multi-Modal MRI Reproducibility Resource John Muschelli muschellij2/kirby21.dti.git 2018-09-27
kirby21.flair1.7.0Example FLAIR Structural Data from the Multi-Modal MRI Reproducibility Resource John Muschelli muschellij2/kirby21.flair 2018-09-26
kirby21.fmri1.7.0Example Functional Imaging Data from the Multi-Modal MRI 'Reproducibility' Resource John Muschelli muschellij2/kirby21.fmri 2018-09-26
kirby21.mricloud0.0.0.9000A dataset containing correlation data for 20 subjects from Kennedy Krieger Adi Gherman adigherman/kirby21.mricloud.git 2018-09-26
kirby21.mt1.7.0MT Structural Data from the Multi-Modal MRI Reproducibility Resource John Muschelli muschellij2/ 2018-09-27
kirby21.smri1.5Example Structural Data from the Multi-Modal MRI Reproducibility Resource John Muschelli muschellij2/kirby21.smri.git 2018-09-27
kirby21.t11.7.0Example T1 Structural Data from the Multi-Modal MRI 'Reproducibility' Resource John Muschelli muschellij2/kirby21.t1 2018-09-26
kirby21.t21.7.0Example T2 Structural Data from the Multi-Modal MRI Reproducibility Resource John Muschelli muschellij2/kirby21.t2 2018-09-26
kirby21.vaso1.7.0Example VASO Data from the Multi-Modal MRI Reproducibility Resource John Muschelli muschellij2/kirby21.vaso.git 2018-09-26
LESYMAP0.0.0.9201Leions to Symptom Mapping in R Dorian Pustina dorianps/LESYMAP 2018-11-27
LINDA0.5.0Lesion Identification with Neighborhood Data Analysis Dorian Pustina dorianps/LINDA 2018-11-25
lungct0.7.2Processing of Lung CT Scans John Muschelli muschellij2/lungct 2018-12-06
malf.templates0.3.1Template Images for Multi-Atlas Label Fusion ('MALF') John Muschelli muschellij2/malf.templates 2018-09-27
medals0.3.0Performs Memory Efficient Decomposition for Analysis of Local neighborhood moments for Segmentation Jacob Maronge JMMaronge/medals 2018-11-13
mimosa0.5.7'MIMoSA': A Method for Inter-Modal Segmentation Analysis Alessandra Valcarcel avalcarcel9/mimosa 2018-12-13
mni0.2.0Human 'MNI' (Montreal Neurological Institute) Adult Templates John Muschelli muschellij2/mni 2018-11-27
MNITemplate0.99.4MNI152 template Jean-Philippe Fortin Jfortin1/MNITemplate 2018-11-26
MriCloudR0.9.2R wrapper for MriCloud API Brian Caffo bcaffo/MriCloudR.git 2018-09-27
MRIcloudT1volumetrics0.2.0MRIcloud Analysis of T1 Volumetric Output Brian Caffo bcaffo/MRIcloudT1volumetrics.git 2018-09-27
msmri0.3.1Open Multiple Sclerosis Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data John Muschelli muschellij2/msmri.git 2018-09-27
neurobase1.27.6'Neuroconductor' Base Package with Helper Functions for 'nifti' Objects John Muschelli muschellij2/neurobase 2018-11-26
neurocInstall0.11.0'Neuroconductor' Installer John Muschelli muschellij2/neurocInstall.git 2018-11-18
neurohcp0.8.1Human 'Connectome' Project Interface John Muschelli muschellij2/neurohcp.git 2018-09-27
neurovault0.5.5'Neurovault' Database API Access John Muschelli muschellij2/neurovault 2018-09-28
nitrcbot1.2Download Image Files from the 'NeuroImaging Tools and Resources Collaboratory' Adi Gherman adigherman/nitrcbot.git 2018-11-13
oasis3.0.1Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Segmentation using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Elizabeth M. Sweeney emsweene/oasis 2018-12-12
oro.asl0.1.1Rigorous - Aterial Spin Labelling Brandon Whitcher bjw34032/oro.asl 2018-10-02
oro.dicom0.5.2Rigorous - DICOM Input / Output Brandon Whitcher bjw34032/oro.dicom 2018-11-26
oro.nifti0.9.11Rigorous - 'NIfTI' + 'ANALYZE' + 'AFNI' : Input / Output Brandon Whitcher bjw34032/oro.nifti 2018-11-25
oro.pet0.2.5Rigorous - Positron Emission Tomography Brandon Whitcher bjw34032/ 2018-11-26
pain210.1.021 Pain Studies Simon Vandekar simonvandekar/pain21 2018-11-13
papayar1.0View Medical Research Images using the Papaya JavaScript Library John Muschelli muschellij2/papayar 2018-11-26
papayaWidget0.5.4Rmarkdown papaya embedding John Muschelli muschellij2/papayaWidget 2018-11-26
pbj0.1.2Parametric Bootstrap Joint Testing Procedures for Neuroimaging Simon Vandekar simonvandekar/pbj 2018-12-10
penn1150.1.1Template MRI Scan from 115 University of Pennsylvania Patients John Muschelli muschellij2/penn115 2018-11-26
RAVEL1.1.1Removal of Artificial Voxel Effect by Linear Regression Jean-Philippe Fortin Jfortin1/RAVEL 2018-11-26
rcamino0.6.3Port of the Camino Software John Muschelli muschellij2/rcamino 2018-11-26
RNifti0.10.0Fast R and C++ Access to NIfTI Images Jon Clayden jonclayden/RNifti.git 2018-11-23
RNiftyReg2.6.4Image Registration Using the 'NiftyReg' Library Jon Clayden jonclayden/RNiftyReg 2018-11-25
robex1.2.4Robust Brain Extraction ('ROBEX') John Muschelli muschellij2/robex 2018-11-29
ROpenCVLite0.1.34.3Install OpenCV Within R Simon Garnier swarm-lab/ROpenCVLite.git 2018-11-13
Rxnat0.0.0.9005Query/retrieve Images from XNAT Public/Private Datasets Adi Gherman adigherman/Rxnat.git 2018-10-17
smri.process0.7.11Processing of Structural Magnetic Resonance Imaging John Muschelli muschellij2/smri.process 2018-12-12
spant0.13.9000MR Spectroscopy Analysis Tools Martin Wilson martin3141/spant 2018-12-03
spm12r2.8.0Wrapper Functions for 'SPM' (Statistical Parametric Mapping) Version 12 from the 'Wellcome' Trust Centre for 'Neuroimaging' John Muschelli muschellij2/spm12r 2018-11-26
sri240.1.1SRI24 MRI Atlas for Normal Adult Brain Anatomy John Muschelli muschellij2/sri24 2018-09-28
stapler0.6.5Simultaneous Truth and Performance Level Estimation John Muschelli muschellij2/stapler 2018-11-25
sublime1.3Automatic Lesion Incidence Estimation and Detection using Multi-Modality Longitudinal Magnetic Resonance Images Elizabeth M. Sweeney emsweene/SuBLIME_package 2018-11-26
voxel1.3.5Mass-Univariate Voxelwise Analysis of Medical Imaging Data Angel Garcia de la Garza angelgar/voxel 2018-11-26
waveslim1.8.0Basic Wavelet Routines for One-, Two-, and Three-Dimensional Signal Processing Brandon Whitcher bjw34032/waveslim.git 2018-09-25
WhiteStripe2.3.1White Matter Normalization for Magnetic Resonance Images using WhiteStripe John Muschelli muschellij2/WhiteStripe 2018-11-26