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Automated Anatomical Labeling ('AAL') Atlas

Provides an automated anatomical parcellation of the spatially normalized single-subject high-resolution 'T1' volume provided by the Montreal Neurological Institute ('MNI') and an alternative parcellation of the orbitofrontal cortex.

Maintainer: John Muschelli < muschellij2 at >

From within R, enter citation(aal)

Tzourio-Mazoyer N, Landeau B, Papathanassiou D, Crivello F, Etard O,
Delcroix N, Mazoyer B, Joliot M (2002). "Automated anatomical labeling
of activations in SPM using a macroscopic anatomical parcellation of
the MNI MRI single-subject brain." _Neuroimage_, *15*(1), 273-289.

Rolls ET, Joliot M, Tzourio-Mazoyer N (2015). "Implementation of a new
parcellation of the orbitofrontal cortex in the automated anatomical
labeling atlas." _Neuroimage_, *122*, 1-5.

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To install this package, start R and enter:


# Default Install

# From the Binary Repo in NeuroC
neuro_install('aal', release = "stable", release_repo = binary_release_repo(release = "stable"))
neuro_install('aal', release = "current", release_repo = binary_release_repo(release = "current"))

# from GitHub
neuro_install('aal', release = "stable", release_repo = "github")
neuro_install('aal', release = "current", release_repo = "github")

More detailed installation instructions can be found here.


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