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Reads in 'Neuroimaging' 'GIFTI' Files with Geometry Information

Functions to read in the geometry format under the 'Neuroimaging' 'Informatics' Technology Initiative ('NIfTI'), called 'GIFTI' . These files contain surfaces of brain imaging data.

Maintainer: John Muschelli < muschellij2 at >


From within R, enter citation('gifti')


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To install this package, start R and enter:


# Default Install

# from GitHub
neuro_install('gifti', release = "stable", release_repo = "github")
neuro_install('gifti', release = "current", release_repo = "github")

More detailed installation instructions can be found here.


Initially submitted on September 24 2018 4:00PM
Last updated on March 31 2021 10:00AM
Package type standard
Source GitHub GitHub
Neuroconductor GitHub GitHub
Importsxml2 (1.1.1), base64enc, R.utils, tools, utils
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