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Fast R and C++ Access to NIfTI Images

Provides very fast read and write access to images stored in the NIfTI-1, NIfTI-2 and ANALYZE-7.5 formats, with seamless synchronisation of in-memory image objects between compiled C and interpreted R code. Also provides a simple image viewer, and a C/C++ API that can be used by other packages. Not to be confused with 'RNiftyReg', which performs image registration and applies spatial transformations.

Maintainer: Jon Clayden < code at >


From within R, enter citation('RNifti')

To cite package 'RNifti' in publications use:

Jon Clayden, Bob Cox and Mark Jenkinson (2020). RNifti: Fast R and
C++ Access to NIfTI Images. R package version 1.2.3.

A BibTeX entry for LaTeX users is

title = {RNifti: Fast R and C++ Access to NIfTI Images},
author = {Jon Clayden and Bob Cox and Mark Jenkinson},
year = {2020},
note = {R package version 1.2.3},
url = {},


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To install this package, start R and enter:


# Default Install

# from GitHub
neuro_install('RNifti', release = "stable", release_repo = "github")
neuro_install('RNifti', release = "current", release_repo = "github")

More detailed installation instructions can be found here.


Initially submitted on September 25 2018 2:13PM
Last updated on October 15 2020 2:50PM
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