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Utilities for Convenient Extraction of Medical Image Metadata

A collection of utilities for navigating medical image data. The DICOM and NIfTI formats are supported. Functions provide simple interfaces to the data and metadata contained in these formats. A particular emphasis on metadata allows simple conversion of image metadata to familiar R data structures such as lists and data frames. Where possible, generic functions can silently process either DICOM or NIfTI data. Additionally, image data can be extracted and viewed.

Maintainer: Pamela Russell < pamela.russell at >

From within R, enter citation(radtools)

To cite package 'radtools' in publications use:

Pamela Russell (NA). radtools: Utilities for Convenient Extraction of
Medical Image Metadata. R package version 1.0.6.

A BibTeX entry for LaTeX users is

title = {radtools: Utilities for Convenient Extraction of Medical Image Metadata},
author = {Pamela Russell},
note = {R package version 1.0.6},


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To install this package, start R and enter:


# Default Install

# From the Binary Repo in NeuroC
neuro_install('radtools', release = "stable", release_repo = binary_release_repo(release = "stable"))
neuro_install('radtools', release = "current", release_repo = binary_release_repo(release = "current"))

# from GitHub
neuro_install('radtools', release = "stable", release_repo = "github")
neuro_install('radtools', release = "current", release_repo = "github")

More detailed installation instructions can be found here.


Initially submitted on April 25 2019 10:06AM
Last updated on June 2 2019 12:02AM
Package type standard
Source GitHub GitHub
Neuroconductor GitHub GitHub
DependsR (3.4.0)
Importsoro.dicom, dplyr, Hmisc, oro.nifti, magrittr, methods, TCIApathfinder, R.utils, xfun
Suggeststestthat, covr, knitr, rmarkdown, rvest, hashmap, stringr, xml2