Read vertex-wise brain surface data from a GIFTI file. The file must be a GIFTI *func* file (not a GIFTI *surf* file containing a mesh, use read_nisurface for loading GIFTI surf files).

read.fs.morph.gii(filepath, element_index = 1L)



string. Full path to the input GIFTI file.


integer, the element to load in case the GIFTI file containes several datasets (usually time series). Defaults to the first element, 1L.


data, vector of double or integer. The brain morphometry data, one value per vertex. The data type depends on the data type in the file.


This function requires the `gifti` package, which is an optional dependency, to be installed. It also assumes that the dataset contains a vector or a matrix/array in which all dimensions except for 1 are empty.

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