Read an annotation or label in GIFTI format.

  element_index = 1L,
  labels_only = FALSE,
  rgb_column_names = c("Red", "Green", "Blue", "Alpha"),
  key_column_name = "Key",
  empty_label_name = "unknown"



string. Full path to the input label file in GIFTI format.


positive integer, the index of the dataarray to return. Ignored unless the file contains several dataarrays.


logical, whether to ignore the colortable and region names. The returned annotation will only contain the a vector that contains one integer label per vertex (as entry 'label_codes'), but no region names and colortable information.


vector of exactly 4 character strings, order is important. The column names for the red, green, blue and alpha channels in the lable table. If a column does not exist, pass NA. If you do not know the column names, just call the function, it will print them. See 'labels_only' if you do not care.


character string, the column name for the key column in the lable table. This is the column that holds the label value from the raw vector (see 'labels_only') that links a label value to a row in the label table. Without it, one cannot recostruct the region name and color of an entry. Passing NA has the same effect as setting 'labels_only' to TRUE.


string. Ignored, deprecated.

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