Given data and a morphometry file name, derive the proper format from the file extension and write the file.

write.fs.morph(filepath, data, format = "auto", ...)



string. The full file name. The format to use will be derived from the last characters, the suffix. Supported suffixes are "mgh" for MGH format, "mgz" for MGZ format, "smp" for Brainvoyager SMP format, "nii" or "nii.gz" for NIFTI v1 format, "gii" or "gii.gz" for GIFTI format, everything else will be treated as curv format.


numerical vector. The data to write.


character string, the format to use. One of c("auto", "mgh", "mgz", "curv", "n1", "ni2", "gii"). The default setting "auto" will determine the format from the file extension.


additional parameters to pass to the respective writer function.


character string. The format that was used to write the data. One of c("auto", "mgh", "mgz", "curv", "ni1", "ni2", "gii").

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