Read morphometry data in weight format (aka `w` files). A weight format file contains morphometry data for a set of vertices, defined by their index in a surface. This can be only a **subset** of the surface vertices.

read.fs.weight(filepath, format = "auto")



string. Full path to the input weight file. Weight files typically have the file extension '.w', but that is not enforced.


one of 'auto', 'asc', or 'bin'. The format to assume. If set to 'auto' (the default), binary format will be used unless the filepath ends with '.asc'.


the indices and weight data, as a named list. Entries: "vertex_indices": vector of *n* vertex indices. They are stored zero-based in the file, but are returned one-based (R-style). "value": double vector of length *n*, the morphometry data for the vertices. The data can be whatever you want.

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