This reads meshes (vtk polygon datasets) from text files in VTK ASCII format. See for format spec. Note that this function does **not** read arbitrary VTK datasets, i.e., it supports only a subset of the possible contents of VTK files (i.e., polygon meshes).




string. Full path to the input surface file in VTK ASCII format.


named list. The list has the following named entries: "vertices": nx3 double matrix, where n is the number of vertices. Each row contains the x,y,z coordinates of a single vertex. "faces": nx3 integer matrix. Each row contains the vertex indices of the 3 vertices defining the face. WARNING: The indices are returned starting with index 1 (as used in GNU R). Keep in mind that you need to adjust the index (by substracting 1) to compare with data from other software.


This is by far not a complete VTK format reader.

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