Package ROpenCVLite (v 0.3.410) internal logs

Version submitted on 2019-12-02 15:42:12

Clone ROpenCVLite locally: SUCCESSFUL
Cloning new package
Creating remote GitHub repo: SUCCESSFUL
Reverting to commit ID: 3076211ffd5d3aa6c9bd39d83d462a827a5d576f ()
Regexp matched version is: 0.3.410
Enable Travis CI: enabled
Enabling AppVeyor for package ROpenCVLite: neuroconductor-releases/ROpenCVLite-enabled
Update DESCRIPTION, .travis.yml and appveyor.yml files (STABLE version): SUCCESSFUL
Setting active project to '/var/www/git/release/ROpenCVLite'
Adding '^DESCRIPTION\\.bak$' to '.Rbuildignore'
Adding '^\\./\\.travis\\.yml\\.bak$' to '.Rbuildignore'
Adding '^\\./appveyor\\.yml\\.bak$' to '.Rbuildignore'
travis appveyor
"./.travis.yml" "./appveyor.yml"
Git push (STABLE package version): SUCCESSFUL