Guides for Developers

  1. Preparing Your Package for Submission
  2. Changes to your Package

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please visit the FAQ for information on how to begin.

Installation Guides

  1. Installing devtools
  2. Installing ANTsR

Required Readings

  1. NIfTI Basics


  1. Downloading Human Connectome Project Data
  2. Downloading Functional Connectomes Projects

General Tutorials

Structural Imaging

  1. Brain Extraction
  2. Tissue-Class Segmentation
  3. Labeling Brain Structures
  4. Processing Within-Visit Structural MRI
  5. Cortical Thickness Estimation (NOT DONE)


  1. Resting-State fMRI analysis using ANTsR
  2. Resting-State fMRI analysis using fslr
  3. Resting-State fMRI analysis using spm12r


  1. DTI analysis with fslr
  2. DTI analysis with Camino
  3. DTI analysis with Camino with HCP data

Disease-specific Tutorials

  1. Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Segmentation