Write the colortable to a text file in FreeSurfer ASCII colortable lookup table (LUT) format. An example file is `FREESURFER_HOME/FreeSurferColorLUT.txt`.

write.fs.colortable(filepath, colortable)



string. Full path to the output colormap file.


data.frame, a colortable as read by read.fs.colortable. Must contain the following columns: 'struct_name': character string, the label name. 'r': integer in range 0-255, the RGBA color value for the red channel. 'g': same for green channel. 'b': same for blue channel. 'a': same for alpha (transparency) channel. Can contain the following column: 'struct_index': integer, index of the struct entry. If this column does not exist, sequential indices starting at zero are created.


the written dataframe, invisible. Note that this is will contain a column named 'struct_index', no matter whether the input colortable contained it or not.

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