An ASCII format patch is a part of a brain surface mesh, and is a mesh itself. It consists of vertices and faces. The ASCII patch format is very similar to the ASCII surface format. **Note:** The contents of ASCII and binary patch format files is different. The ASCII patch format is not ideal for parsing, and loading such files is currently quite slow.




string. Full path to the input patch file in ASCII patch format.


named list. The list has the following named entries: "vertices": see return value of read.fs.patch. "faces": numerical *n*x5 matrix. The columns are named, and appear in the following order: 'face_index1': the one-based (R-style) face index. 'vert1_index1', 'vert2_index1', 'vert3_index1': integer vertex indices of the face, they are one-based (R-style). 'face_index0': the zero-based (C-style) face index.

See also

Other patch functions: fs.patch(), read.fs.patch(), write.fs.patch()