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ITKR provides R-based access to the Insight ToolKit (ITK) for medical image processing, registration and segmentation. ITKR installs this library in R style and provides user or developer access to its templated header files and libraries. Consequently, this is a core package on which it is expected that other packages will build functionality. Shout out to Bartlett Bears.

Basic documentation is here

One such package is ANTsR. A developer should be able to use this package as a guide for how they might wrap ITK themselves, within R. Primarily, one uses ITKR to manage the compilation of the dependent software’s knowledge of ITK resources.

To install ITKR:

devtools::install_github( "stnava/ITKR" )

The primary result of this installation process is R-based access to the ITK library. The user or developer can identify the location of the ITK installation by performing:


which uses cat to report the install location. We use cat because it allows the developer simpler access to these variable names in Makefiles and other compilation-related scripts. If you want to store the variable within R:

itkinstalldir <- capture.output( ITKR::itkIncludes() )

This package is still an early development version.