Changes to your package

  • We change the DESCRIPTION file in the following ways:
    • 1. Modify, or add if not present, the Remotes field. Packages are installed using the install_github function, which reads this Remotes field to install dependencies if necessary. The Remotes field modifies and overrides the locations of dependencies to be installed. If a dependency for a package is present, then a newer version of the package will not be installed unless indicated by the user or indicated a newer version is necessary in the package (by the package (>= VERSION) syntax in the dependencies.
    • 2. We add the bioViews field to a package in case there are Bioconductor package in the dependencies, to ensure install_github looks in that repository, as per the issue hadley/devtools#1254.
  • We change the .travis.yml file:
    • 1. Change warnings_to_errors to be true so that if warnings are present, Travis will error.
    • 2. Relevant to 2. above, we add bioc_required: yes, and use_bioc: yes to ensure that Bioconductor packages will be installed if necessary.
    • 3. Add the flag r: - release\n- devel so that the package is checked against the current release of R and the development version.
    • 4. Add a notifications field to email Neuroconductor when builds succeed or fail.
  • We test and change the .Rbuildignore file to prevent the .travis.yml and appveyor.yml files in the source package from appearing in the bundled package.